Rufford Conference „Nature knows no boundaries”

Our members, Miloš Popović and Jelena Šeat, have presented their projects on the Rufford Small Grants Foundation Conference held 21-22 March, 2016 in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Conference was attended by individuals and organisations from Balkans (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo) and Turkey, and was organized by Croatian herpetological society “Hyla” (Croatia) and Society for research and protection of biodiversity (Bosnia and Herzegovina). Miloš has presented his two earlier projects on endangered Serbian butterflies and more about them you can find here and here. Jelena has presented her work on true bugs from saline habitats and more on this topic you can find here. Sharing experience with biologists and conservationists from other Balkan countries was unforgettable, as well as, touristic tour of Jajce town. We are hoping this conference will bring us a lot of projects and fruitful collaboration with organisations from the region.

More about the conference you can find in the formal report on this link.