Gathering in Fruška gora

Already traditional spring gathering of HabiProt members this year was held April 15-17 in Fruška gora. This year members of HabiProt met further north than last year, when we gathered in Ovčar-Kablar gorge. We stayed in mountain hut “Zanatlija” under Glavica, where most of the team joined us by the evening. Upon arrival we took short walk through Fruška gora, and in the evening we organized party for members with the inevitable moth photographing.

Next morning started with famous donuts of grandma Minja, who looks after the house, and then we took another walk, adjoined by members of NIDSBE “Josif Pančić” from Novi Sad. During walk we recorded observed insect species and enjoyed beauties of Fruška gora.13015687_1149331035119013_7458174113588967703_n

After the walk, lunch was waiting for us, nettle soup- another grandma’s specialty. In the evening hours, while we had the barbecue, we discussed plans and future activities of HabiProt. Currently the plan is

  • realization of Wikimedia project,
  • writting books on butterflies of Vlasina and Jerma,
  • monitoring of butterflies in some of protected areas,
  • further research of insects in Ovčar-Kablar gorge and
  • improvement of our Alciphron base.

On this occasion we elected Bojana Nadaždin for a new member of executive committee, so we wish her much success in her future work.

On sunday morning few members went for another walk, while the rest went slowly returned towards Novi Sad. Gathering was pleasant as always, and the weather was nice so we recorded a large number of insect species during that weekend. We exspect those members of HabiProt, who couldn’t come to Fruška gora, to join us next year.