On us

BCE_logoHabiProt has been founded in 2005 as association of citizens with goodwill, people who love nature and nature habitats, are willing and determined to work in common interest to preserve nature and natural beauty of Serbia.

The goals of the Association are as follows:

  • efforts towards protection and sustainable use of biodiversity of Serbia and Balkan peninsula
  • listing of species and habitats in Serbia and Balkan peninsula
  • raising awareness of Serbia citizens, especially youngsters, on the need for natural habitats protection as a tool for sustainable development of the society
  • efforts towards affirmation and implementation of European and national legislature in the domain of the environment protection


HabiProt is open to new members.
Members of the organization can become all the people with goodwill who sincerely accept charter and goals of the NGO and pay annual fee.
All organization members are equal and has a right to vote and be voted into organization boards.
Annual fee is 500 dinars.

Executive Board

Members of the present Executive Board are:
Bojana Nadaždin (chairman), Milan Djurić (deputy), Boženka Hric, Ivan Tot and Filip Vukajlović.

Public relations consultant

Srdjan Gažević

Honorary members – donors

Elisabeth Portheine [NL]
Dejan Vujović


The organization has been founded on September 15, 2005 in Belgrade by:
Prof. Dr. Predrag Jakšić
Prof. Dr. Milka Glavendekić
Smiljka Škundrić, dipl. mat.
Prof. Dr. Milan Jockić †
Puniša Todorović, prof. mat.
Vojislav Škundrić, dipl. ing.
Dušan Glušac, designer
Milan Djurić, dipl. ing.
Doc Dr. Aleksandar Ćetković
Dr. Branka Mikić
Prof. Dr. Dragana Vujanović