Printed publications

Butterflies of Serbia field guide

Focus is on details helping in species determination, they are prominently marked in photographs. Big help is that two similar species are, almost always, on facing pages. Regardless of his knowledge on the topic, reader will find explanations easy to understand. This field guide was shown to some of the best European butterfly experts and they all proclaimed it better than similar books in the countries with much longer tradition and much more butterfly connoisseurs.

We have printed copies only in Serbian, English and Dutch can be purchased as electronic versions. Sample can be seen here.

Longhorn beetles of Serbia field guide

After the success of field guide for recognizing butterflies, we prepared similar book on long horn beetles. This one also has quality photos and illustrations and very concise text. Prime purpose is recognizing species in the field, and that is helped by maps with locations where species was recorded and diagrams on time of activity of adults. 249 pages, hard cover. Printed are versions in Serbian and English language. Sample pages can be seen here.

Butterflies of Stara Planina

Comprehensive study of this amazing region with exceptional abundance and variety of butterflies. Unbilievable 166 species in a very small region! Great photos and map for each species to show where it is to be found. The book is bilingual: in English and Serbian and is printed on demand. Sample pages can be seen here.

Moths of Stara Planina

This is first time somebody made systematic overview and presented through photos and texts moths of a region in Serbia. This book proves Stara Planina is rich in moths, as well in butterflies. Excellent photographs present many species. The book is bilingual: in Serbian and English, and is printed on demand. Typical pages can be seen here.

Butterflies of Vlasina

Long-term research of this interesting region produced a list of 116 species, although all locations are above 1000 m of altitude. Special attention was paid to Balkan clouded yellow (Colias caucasica) for Vlasina proved to be a spot with most numerous population of this attractive butterfly.

Sample can be seen here.

Moths of Vlasina

The book contains the list of all 412 moth species that we recorded over years in Vlasina region. Besides, through photos and text, presented are some interesting among them. The whole book is bilingual - in Serbian and English.

Prime butterfly areas in Serbia

Detailed overview of those regions of Serbia with best preserved nature. For selection of these areas certain number of target species was used, in order to establish where highest diversity is found. Book includes a lot of photographs and adequate maps, but also a CD with additional information. The whole book is bilingual: in English and Serbian.

Moths 1

With same format and conception as previous field guides, this one is aimed to present attractive families of Moths. It comprises families Saturniidae, Sphingidae, Drepanidae, Lasiocampidae, Brahmaeidae, Endromidae and Notontidae.

Sample of Serbian version can be seen here.