The photo-exhibition “Saline habitats of Vojvodina up-close”

We managed to organize a promotional photo exhibition at the Department of Biology and Ecology, the University of Novi Sad, in collaboration with colleagues from the Scientific Research Society of Biology and Ecology Students “Josif Pančić” from Novi Sad. The exhibition was aiming to present hidden inhabitants of saline habitats in Vojvodina, the beauty of saline grasslands, but also, interesting moments of our fieldwork activities.

At this event, we used the opportunity to give a lecture entitled “True bugs of saline habitats in Vojvodina. Experiences and results of Rufford projects”. With this lecture, we presented our 6 years-long research on true bugs of saline habitats, whereas students and colleagues were introduced to scientific methods, experimental designs and data analyses we used. We hope that young colleagues will find our experiences useful in their own engagement on similar projects or when applying for a Rufford grant in future.

Read more about our last Rufford project on the link.