In 2017 we continue with the research on true bugs of saline habitats in Vojvodina

In March this year, we started a field study on true bugs of saline grasslands in Banat Region. This research is a continuation of the project that started in 2015, and again we are supported by the Rufford Foundation. Along with HabiProt, the members of the SRSBES “Josif Pančić” are also taking part in project realization, as well as, numerous individuals who are helping this project in various ways.

This year’s research includes several locations in Banat, basins of Tisa and Tamiš rivers, where saline grasslands are present. A few sampling points are located in protected areas, Special Nature Reserves “Pastures of great bustard” and “Okanj”, Nature Park “Rusanda”. This time we will try to follow changes of vegetation in saline grasslands, aiming to determine how these changes define presence of some true bug species in habitat.

More about the project you can find on the official web page of the Rufford Fountation here.