Spring gathering at Ludaš Lake

In May (12-14th) this year we gathered in Hajdukovo to discuss our activities in 2017. During this period we were also visited by our friends from SRSBES “Josif Pančić” from Novi Sad, NGO “Riparia” from Subotica, and PE “Palić-Ludaš”, managers of protected areas in surrounding of Subotica.

Having had a nice weather, we managed to organize a few field trips to several locations in Special Nature Reserves “Ludaš Lake” and “Selevenj Puszta”. We also had the opportunity to see and take photos of several species of orchids in Selevenj, these being some of the most interesting representatives of local flora.

We have new editors of Alciphron database, Slobodan Ivković (orthopteras) and Aleksandar Đukić (dragonflies), who also participated in the gathering. We welcome them to our team!