Book on butterflies of Stara planina

erebia orientalisThe book on butterflies of this extremely rich region is out of print. It is bilingual (Serbian/English) and is a milestone for this type of publications in Serbia, since it contains easily comprehensible geographically and statistically systemized data. You can download sample page herе (PDF).

Korice_RGBBook summary: This book summarises the results of long­term study on butterflies of Stara Planina Mt. and shows 166 recorded species. Each one is presented through a short description, a map of distribution in the studied region and remarks related to ecology, threat and protection status. A comparison of fauna richness with several our mountain areas was made and highlighted significance of Stara Planina as the most valuable region in the country.

If you like to order printed copy of this publicarion, contact our co-publisher Public Enterprise „Srbijašume“ (ŠG Pirot). We also expect to publish PDF version of this book soon.