Do you like longhorn beetles?

Printed is field guide on longhorn beetles that can be found in Serbia. The book is the result of many years of work by three authors and is a product of cooperation between HabiProt and Institute for Nature conservation of Serbia. It is available in Serbian and English..

Strizibube-korica_20151126_cropSummary of the book: Longhorn beetles are one of the best studied groups of beetles in Serbia. This book presents 228 species, roughly a half of number inhabiting Europe. Some of the species are for the first time included in the fauna of Serbia. The purpose of the book is to, through pictures, text and graphical presentation of data on distribution, introduce these interesting insects to you.

You can look or download couple of pages in PDF format to get idea what the book looks like. If you are interested to buy it, take a look at our page on printed publications.