Continue of exploring butterflies of the Protected Landscape “Vlasina” (2016)

Only during July, in this year, on the territory of the protected area we collected over 1000 georeferenced data on the presence of various species of butterflies. Special emphasis has been placed on mapping species of importance for the conservation of biodiversity in Europe and Serbia (Emerald, Natura 2000, strictly protected and PBA species).

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On this occasion, for the first time is used the metod of marking and recapture, to estimate population size and lenght of life of Balkan Clouded Yellow (Colias caucasica balcanica). We hope for interesting data after processing the results. Besides, this species is recorded at several new sites, from Vlasina up to Besna kobila. It seems that Vlasina district is the landscape with the biggest population of Balkan Clouded Yellow and also the best habitat for endemic Balcan subspecies of this butterfly.


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Among the recorded species, we have 3 completely new for the study area, so this part of research, with remarkable data we collected about Balkan Clouded Yellow, exceeded our expectations.