New publication “Butterflies of Vlasina”


Association “HabiProt” do the research of the fauna of butterflies in the аrea of Landscape of Outstanding Features “Vlasina” and its surroundings for more than 10 years. Some data have been published on several occasions and the crown of many years of dedicated work of our members is a monograph entitled “Butterflies of Vlasina”.

Authors of the publication are: Ivan Tot, Milan Đurić and Miloš Popović.

Ivan Tot – one of the authors of the monograph.

The book provides an overview of literary findings and data collected in the field (a total of 2106 field data and 725 literary data). All data is systematized within the database on insects in Serbia “Alciphron” ( A total of 116 butterfly species are shown: Hesperiidae (11), Papilionidae (5), Pieridae (12), Riodinidae (1), Lycaenidae (29) and Nymphalidae (58). One species is considered endangered on the territory of Europe, 4 species are listed in Annex II of the Habitats Directive and additional 6 in Annex IV. According to legislation of Republic of Serbia, a total of 22 species are strictly protected, and 17 are significant for the nomination of Prime butterfly areas in Serbia. The book provides a brief description of each recorded species, maps and much more data related to butterflies, habitats and research area.

Lycaena virgaureae

Members of “HabiProt” team.

We owe gratitude to Novica Stankovic (PIO “Vlasina”), without whose enormous and unselfish help the monograph would not be in our hands now. Thanks also goes to our dear colleagues from the Scientific Research Society of Biology and Ecology Students “Josif Pančić” on whose camps was collected a huge amount of data (, as well as all our associates who provided their data for a monograph.

The publication is intended for all fans of butterflies, nature and Vlasina, and we believe that anyone who caught up on its slopes will realize that Vlasina is a paradise for butterflies, but also for nature admireres.