Symposium of Entomologists of Serbia 2019

Last week (from September 25th until September 29th) we participated in the Symposium of Entomologists of Serbia in Niš. It is organized every two years and it brings together scientists and individuals from the territory of Serbia who study insects from any aspect. Symposium is organized by the Entomological Society of Serbia (

University of Niš – Banovina building

A total of 64 papers were submitted with over 100 authors in the following fields:

  • aquatic ecosystems and entomofauna
  • classification, phylogeny and diversity of parasitoids
  • morphology and phylogeny of Chelicerata
  • database
  • geometric morphometry and Hemiptera diversity
  • faunistics, biology and ecology of Hemiptera
  • applied entomology
  • behavior and distribution of Hymenoptera
  • Diptera diversity
  • faunistics, diversity and ecology of Lepidoptera
  • the diversity and anatomy of Coleoptera

The full program can be viewed at the following link:

Members of HabiProt presented their work with 13 papers authored by Milan Đurić, Ivan Tot, Filip Vukajlović, Jelena Šeat, Mihailo Vujić, Emanuel Veverica, Bojana Nadaždin, Aleksandar Đukić, Marko Šćiban and Milica Knežević. On this occasion, we presented a series of works that are the result of many years of HabiProt’s activities (you can find the abstract book at:,%20Zbornik%20rezimea.pdf).

Part of the HabiProt team (Jelena Šeat, Milan Đurić, Bojana Nadaždin, Aleksandar Đukić i Filip Vukajlović)

We also discussed about our database for the distribution of insects “Alciphron” – its importance, role and importance of involving citizens in data collecting as the most significant aspect of the whole idea. We would like to thank all the associates, who through their work, made it possible for us to talk about database as a very important platform for the development of the scientific community in Serbia.

“Alciphron” database, Milan Đurić


Most of participants were representatives of faculties, institutes and public institutions from all over Serbia. There were many young scientists and students, but also us who are part of the non-governmental sector, which is becoming more and more recognized in scientific community. We invite you (whether you are young students, amateurs, photographers or experts) to engage in entomofauna research in upcoming years and we would love to see you taking part in one of next Symposium of Entomologists of Serbia.